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Love This App....but

I love this app but with the last update you can on longer delete products. Otherwise I would rate it 5stars

Very good

Excellent, practical and easy to use. I love this app, its precious.

Long time user

I have loved this app since I got my iPhone in Aug 2008. Have appreciated all the upgrades, just keeps getting better. Only problem is I recently completed my main food list & deleted it. My whole food data base list is gone & I now have to start it all over. What did I do wrong? Still love it! 10/11/17 Still love it & now using it to replace my Reminder App that Apple has messed up with they latest update. I wish they had an iPad version since I often work on it & then sync with my phone.i really like that I can have as many List as I want. Keep up the good work. So many Apps don’t both to keep improving but this one keeps on top of it.

Great useful app

This is one of my favorite apps


I like how it alphabetizes everything. You can add things like the cost and stuff but I haven't used any other features. I just find it very convenient that it alphabetizes so I can go to the item right away.

Settings looks bad on smaller screen

I have an iPhone SE (hate those huge phones). Settings are squished and difficult to read on my smaller screen

Still Great

I purchased this app in 2008. It continues to see regular updates and has had a plethora of features added in the time I've had it, without being bogged down by these additions (my current fav is using the barcode scanner on an item then editing the name to what I normally call it for next time). If you want an app that does the job and has a proven track record of not being abandoned, try this one.

My fav app after 6 years

This is, hands-down, my favorite shopping app. Features I love: ✨ items that have been crossed off your list don't automatically disappear, so you can "uncheck" the items and re-use a list as many times as you want, ✨ my lists sync with Dropbox so I can access them on any iOS device, ✨ sorting items by custom categories, ✨ and all the extra details you can add about each item on a list. I'd love to see the developer create a website that allows users to sign in to the list account and access everything from the web! 😊 I downloaded this app in 2010 to make my grocery shopping more digital. I obviously knew that I didn't have to just put food items on my list, but I never imagined that I would get as much use out of this app as I currently do. Here are some non-food ways I use this app: 1️⃣ I'm a teacher and was asked to organize and chaperone about 50 high school students on multiple field trips during my first year on the job. I ended up creating a "Field Trip" list and loading all attending students' names on the list. Every time we boarded the bus, I'd check off each kid's name on my phone before telling the bus driver we were ready to continue on our trip. I didn't have to keep fumbling with paper or multiple copies of name lists, and I could easily check or uncheck students off my list throughout the entire trip. 2️⃣ I travel often. Not only do I find myself packing the same stuff over and over, but I also am always paranoid that I'm going to forget something. I created a "Packing" list and put things like my ticket, toiletries, fav beauty items, and electronics on there. Now when I pack, I just cross things off my travel list, add in a few seasonally-appropriate clothing items, and I'm good to go. This app has really streamlined my packing process and given me some time back in my life! 3️⃣ When I was selling my home, there were certain things I wanted to do before each home showing. So I created a "House Tour" list and put things like lighting candles, opening all windows, and wiping down countertops on the list. When I got an offer for another agent to show my home, I checked off the list and left for the next hour -- and never worried if I'd forgotten to do something that might make that buyer want to purchase my home. 🌟 I seriously love this app and think everyone could use it!


I've been using this app for a good 7 years. It used to be a solid grocery list app, the best I could find for my needs. Changes over the past couple of years have taken it backwards. I was hoping this update would fix the very sluggish email feature that used to work great. Now, the app just crashes when I select "Send to Email". Too bad...

Excellent - simple and flexible

This is a great tool, simple but powerful. I especially like the support for multiple store layouts. I use it for all my grocery shopping. It puzzles me that there aren't a lot of reviews for this product. One feature that I don't find in other apps is very useful for me: the ability to categorize items and choose the order of the categories differently for each store. I do grocery shopping at two different stores, and this lets me automatically keep my list in aisle-order for the store I'm shopping at.

Bug needs fixing

I love this app and have used it between my iPad and iPhone for eons but there is a new problem that is driving me crazy. Just about every time I make a list or add to one all the lists disappear at the top leaving only the last one in view with the rest of the page blank lines. Sometimes rebooting helps and sometimes just leaving it for a time. I try pulling down on the page and I can then see the other lists but they will not stay so I cannot get to them. Very annoying! I hope it gets fixed soon.

Great app

I've used this for many years. I still like it, use it, but now I cannot see my colored labels on all my pages. For some reason they only show on one particular page.

Thank you

Thanks for restoring this app to how it used to be. I've used this app for many years and now will continue to recommend it to friends. I will give it five stars if, after double tapping to add a product, the cursor can remain active and the keyboard is ready for typing the next product.

Thanks for listening!!!

Pretty much like the old app again. Love it.

Loved this app until this recent my update

I do love this app but went to add some items this morning only to find they had removed the ability to add multiple items at a time, which had been added in a previous update. That was a great feature! I'm not sure why it has to be taken away but it should be added back, or at least add back the option for people to choose how they want to enter items, singly or by checking multiple items at once. In the past when I've had issues they have been quick to respond. I would for sure give it 5 stars if the feature to add multiple items would be added back to this app.

Update Ruined App

This was simple and app I used daily. Now it is clunky, buggy and unintuitive. Looking for different option.

Newest update is a big step Backwards!

I liked the app a lot - until the latest upgrade. With no warning - and for no apparent reason they have made the app clumsier, less intuitive and more difficult. It's still a good app - just not as good as it used to be.

New Update

The new update seems to have the app going backwards in time. It used to take me two to three steps to add something to my list and start looking for another item as where now it takes five steps. Not sure why you would update it that way. 😞. I also have to clear the previous searched for item before looking for a new item as before once I added an item it would automatically clear so you could search again. Not a great update in my opinion.

Why the popups?

I've been using this app for years and loved it. With this new update (and the added pop up ads) it's become quite annoying. I would rather pay a nominal fee for the app than deal with the ads. Was that the intention all along? Also don't care for the new background. Would love to go back to the old version.

Terrible! Was Great!

You went in the wrong direction. The text is too small and I miss the old font system! Bring back the old app format.

Terrible updates

I have been using this app for so many years, and will now have to stop. Ads that pop up in the middle of me using the list when I'm in the store? No thanks. It crashes, it used to take me 2 clicks to add an item and now it takes double that. Duplicates in suggested items, I could go on and on. I would rather pay more $$ for an app that actually works. Tanks for screwing up a good thing, don't know what you were thinking!

Bad update

I agree with the other reviewers. I have loved and used this app for years and now it takes more steps to add items to your list. I'm not a fan anymore.

Update adds annoying popup ads

So annoying while trying to shop. I'm done with the app unless those are removed!

What a horrible update

I have use this app for years and this update is terrible. You have ruined it. It is now cumbersome and takes twice as long to add an item to the list. I will be deleting it.

Update very disappointing

I have used this app for years and loved it. Update now text is too small and screen too busy. Will look for something more appealing and user friendly.

Horrible Update

Congratulations. You've managed to turn a good and useful app into something practically unusuable. Whereas I used to be able to add an item to my list by pressing the + sign, type in the first two letters of the item and when it showed up, add it simply by double tapping, I now need to select the item, press add item and then clear the search bar before I can add my next item. And don't even get me started on how difficult it is to add an item that I have never put on my list before. Horrible and cumbersome. Will be looking for a new app

New Update Stinks

I used to love this app for shopping but now an ad comes up every time I change screens. I've had this app for years and really counted on it now it's just painful to use. Horrible update. I'll be looking for a new app.

Horrible update

What was once a very good app is now useless. App is loaded with annoying ads. Looks and functions like a third rate app ... I can't read the text. Will look for a better app and delete this.

Bring back the old app

It was my go to shopping list, now it's not workable. You've totally changed the app, it is no longer user-friendly. I'm going to have to look for another app.

Horrible update!

I can't believe you added adverts to the update! I will look for a new app asap. It was my favorite before. Worked well for years! Horrible!!!

Shopping List

The best


Updated to iOS 8... App keeps crashing when trying to delete completed items from the list

Thank you!!

This app is just great. Not just because its handy but its still available for iOS 6 even though there is a newer version for ios7. The devs didn't just update & leave iOS 6 out in the cold. That's awesome, wish all iOS7 app updates were handled this way

Great App - scan doesn't work

Everything on the app is great, but the scan serves no purpose. This needs to be fixed. At least it doesn't work on iPhone 3G. It would be nice if you could take a text populated list from notes and sync it where all information would update on app.

Good app 4.5 stars

I really like this app. I have been using it for several years. I appreciate that I can use many of the pre-populated list items, but can add my own, too. The ability to share the list and to keep multiple lists is great. I wish I could hold, then drag items around within the list. I don't like to use the category view, but would like to list items in order or where I find them as I moved through the store. I also really, really wish I could add bigger pictures (or that they were easily viewed without having to go into edit mode) for when I need derail visible for whomever I am sending to the store That said, this is overall a great app for my needs.

Budget manager

This app is great!! We don't forget the list anymore. We use this app to prepare for every shopping trip. Now we are totally organized and totally within budget! No more surprise totals at checkout. Thank you.

Very helpful

I use it very often, adding items over time as needed. The app simply works as advertised. I recommend using the double-tap option for ticking off completed items to avoid setting them as complete by accident.

Never go shopping without this app!


Outstanding. Excellent product, excellent support

Update: thanks for quick iOS7 fix! Works great again. -------- I've been using this app for many months and can't praise it too highly. I use it solely on my iPhone, so multi-platform support is not an issue for me. As a simple shopping list manager it's outstanding. Easy to add items, easy to use while shopping, easy to add new items to the shopping items database. I've contacted the developer twice with issues and received prompt, courteous and helpful responses both times. Admittedly, a shopping list manager is not rocket science, but it's effective and easy to use. It's one of my first menu page icons and I use it daily. Highly recommended!


Never have to remember to make a list because I always have my phone with me. I've also been using it to keep track of what I have in the refrigerator so don't have to hunt through crowded refrigerator & can plan meals with ease. Only improvement I can think of is to be able to put some products in multi stores do I don't have to repeat listing them.

It's good but.....

I find the functionality cumbersome at times.

Shopping list

This a fantastic app. Can use it for multiple stores! I love it! I sent it up by aisle in grocery store! Best app I have!

Perfect for the job

You need this app if you have ever had a shopping list fired at you by IM or over the phone. My wife updates the shopping list and tells me what store I need to hit on my way home from work. Simple and straight forward.

Shopping list

Great app, I love it, a must have.

Just what I wanted

Just what I was looking for, a shopping list app that I would have on my phone with me at all times. Syncs between ipad and iPhone using drop box. Love it! Simple and easy to use which is also what I wanted, nothing fancy. I can create a separate running list for the stores I go to most and add to the list whether I'm on my ipad or phone whenever I remember something I need. Keeps me organized. Been using it for years and love it, don't understand why it's not more popular. Only improvement I can think of would be ability to edit product database to get rid of products that might have been a one time or very rare purchase.

Great app!

Very helpful app! I ALWAYS have my phone with me so I never lose my list!


I use this excellent app every day.

Great Shopping List

I use this all the time. It allows me to write my needs whenever I think of something I have to buy. When I am in the store I delete the items as I put them in the shopping cart. When all the items are deleted I can go home knowing I have all the products I need.

Love it with reservations

I have had this app since my first iPhone 4 years ago. It has been updated several times. You used to be able to delete a food on your list when shopping and it was gone. Now it asks you if you want to delete? Really it's a waste of time. Please improve!

Easy To Use

I use this app to list what I need at the store. It lets me catagorize each item according to its use. I can set up different lists from different stores for groceries and hardware. It works great for what I need it to do. I can send my list to other phones via email, Bluetooth or text message. I can even print a list if I need to. I have not tried others, because this one does what I need.

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